personalised health care

24 hrs. Trauma /Accident Care

24 hrs. Critical Care Unit

  • Departments

    Whatever disease you are faced with, our hand picked team of specialists is on hand to give you the best solution to your problems

  • Services

    We provide best in class services round the clock for Trauma /Accident Care, with 24hrs support of Laboratory (all diagnostic tests including Master Health check-up & Well Women Health check-up) and pharmacy.

  • Check-ups

    A comprehensive program aimed at prevention and early diagnosis of health problems.

  • Online Help

    You can get appointments for our Doctors through online.

Personalized Health Care
KL Multi Speciality Hospital - Chennai
  • Admission

    For your convenience, we have arranged for the admission registration to be done at the Admission Counter.

  • Discharge Procedure

    Your doctor will, at an appropriate time, advise you when you can expect to be discharged for home.

  • Pre-admission

    If you are scheduled for surgery or procedure and your specialist has recommended hospitalisation for you, you could be admitted either a day before or on the day of surgery.

  • Events

    Kl Hospital events

General Surgery
Our well-equipped and modern operating theatre along C – Arms facilities with a five bedded ICCU/ IMCU helps us provide quality health care at affordable cost to all...
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General Medicine
General Medicine deals with general infections and complications arising from various conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension etc....
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The department offers out-patient and in-patient care for all diseases affecting the skin and mucosae‚ as also systemic diseases with skin manifestations. Including Paediatric Dermatology
Cosmetology clinic
Special procedures for vitiligo‚ pigmentation disorders‚ acne and mole excision. Bariatric and Basic Cosmetic Surgeries.
In addition to decay, stained and irregular teeth can take a huge psychological toll. We offer total solutions for all dental problems including corrective surgical procedures
Casualty Department
There is a Casualty Department which is manned 24 hours with a casualty medical officer and paramedical team. Emergencies and trauma of all kinds are attended to his experienced doctors whenever the need arises. Trauma and accident care receives special attention round the clock
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